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Clinical research conducted by French dermatology laboratories shows the following results after use of the oxygen on the skin:

  • The skin's oxygen content was doubled within 28 days
  • Fine lines disappeared and medium size wrinkles became less visible within 45 days
  • Skin's moisture level increased by 50% immediately

Oxygen is a critical factor in the renewal process of epidermal skin cells. It makes skin lovelier, younger looking and more supple.

As the skin's oxygen supply decreases with age, keratinization (the formation of a rough outer layer of dead skin cells) increases. Vitality Oxygen Complex supplies the skin with oxygen via the stratum corneum to the epidermal layer. The oxygen penetrates the skin cells, preventing the buildup of keratinization.

Vitality Oxygen Eye Zone Cream
Vitality Oxygen Eye Zone Cream

1 oz. for $64.99
All Skin Types

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