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Massage Services


60 Minutes . . . . . $105

90 Minutes . . . . . $140


7 - 1 hour Sessions . . . . . . $650

10 - 1 hour Sessions . . . . . $880

7 - 1.5 hour Sessions . . . . . $840

10 - 1.5 hour Sessions . . . $1150


7 - 1 hour Massages or
European Facials . . . . $695


Massage promotes physical, mental & emotional healing. Our highly skilled New York State licensed massage therapists consult with each client to determine your specific needs and assist in choosing the most appropriate massage for optimum results.

Massage reduces muscle tension, stiffness, muscle spasms & aids in injury healing. Better circulation of both blood & lymph fluid as well as the release of bodily toxins takes place during a massage.

Massage creates deep relaxation, reduces stress, anxiety and blood pressure levels. An overall feeling of well being is achieved with increased awareness of the mind body connection.

Massage, once thought of as a luxury is truly a necessity in achieving overall health & well being.

All massages at DLK Day Spa are performed by New York State Licensed massage therapists. Male and female therapists are available.

More Info on the Benefits of Massage.


Swedish Massage

The most familiar massage choice. In this classic full-body treatment, the massage therapist applies oil to the skin and combines long, gliding massage strokes and kneading of the muscles to improve circulation and release tension. Swedish massage assists the body's healing process by detoxifying; improving the lymphatics and circulation throughout the body; and increasing muscle tone leaving you with an overall state of deep relaxation and well being.


Deep Tissue Therapy

Good for chronic muscle tension. This form of massage addresses deeper layers of tissue and can relieve painful trigger points and break down adhesions (the by-product of overuse or injury). Deep tissue is especially designed to release tension in neck and shoulders to achieve proper alignment.


Craniosacral Therapy

Gentle manual techniques to release problem areas and relieve pressure on the brain and spinal chord. Craniosacral therapy is performed fully clothed, so please wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.


Pre- and Post-Natal Massage

Pre- and Post-natal massage to relieve headache, sinus congestion, backaches, leg cramps, and sciatic pain.


Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle touch is used to increase and balance the flow of energy which promotes health and well being, on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. Reiki treatments are performed fully chlothed, so please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes. Performed by reiki master practicioner.

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